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[29 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that takes by storm hundreds of thousands of females throughout the earth every year.  It’s not like you can avoid getting sunburned to prevent skin cancer or don’t smoke to avoid lung cancer….breast cancer seems to strike those regardless of certain lifestyle habits.  However, there is one thing in particular that could help tip the scales towards prevention;  taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements.
Foodconsumer.org reported that a “new study reported in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention suggests that taking fish oil supplements, which are …

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[3 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Burn More Fat With TurboFire Advanced DVDs

Just when you thought you’ve reached the pinnacle of physique-transforming workout dvds, along comes not only TurboFire, but also TurboFire Advanced workouts!  Here’s the problem with many, if not most training programs that are designed to raise your metabolism and tone you up:  they work at first, but within weeks or a few months the body becomes “accustomed” to that type of stress and quickly stagnates….resulting in  you working out day in and day out yet aren’t seeing any results.  (Sound familiar??)
The Turbo Fire Advanced training system ensures that this …

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[1 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
TurboFire Workouts & HIIT

Just recently uber trainer Chalean Johnson released a much more intense, high voltage, but very effective workout DVD called TurboFire.  What I like about this particular weight loss and toning system is that it uses a very effective method called High Intensity Interval Training, aka HIIT.  In the last several years it has been proven that working out in HIIT style burns way more fat and calories than regular type of cardio or aerobics.  Honestly, you can’t even compare the two systems.  Not only does a workout that is performed …

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[3 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Most Popular Body Parts & How Slimming Pack Can Help

A recent survey in an exercise magazine just revealed which muscle groups women most like.  By far in the #1 position was a set of muscular arms, followed by a tie between a developed chest and chiseled abs, with shoulders right behind, then a nice thick back, followed by glutes, and last legs.  (Funny, since leg and back training seem to be considered the most “hardcore” muscles to train amongst bodybuilders….).
Regardless of what your personal likes may be, you’ll want to concentrate on developing and reshaping your entire physique, not …

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[28 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
2010 Orlando Europa Bodybuilding Contest Results

Recently the great city of Orlando, Florida was host to not only Mickey Mouse, Universal Studios, and the Magic NBA team, but also for a weekend the Orlando Europa Bodybuilding and Figure Competition.  Again, they witnessed an incredible display of muscle mass, low body fat levels, and unbelievable acts of high flying fitness routines.
The order of placings for the Men’s Open Weight Class was:
WINNER: Hidetada Yamagishi
2. Marcus Haley
3. Eugene Mishin
4. Michael Kefalianos
5. Costantinos Demetrou
6. Tarek Elsetouhi
7. Omar Deckard
8. Mark Antonek
9. Oliver Adzievski
10. Nathaniel Wonsley
11. Damaso Chacon
12. Stan Efferding
13. Mario Van …

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[27 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
The Many Different Kinds Of “Strength”

If I were to ask you right now what do you think “strength” is, what would you tell me?  Quickly now…..  Ok.  I’m pretty sure you would probably give me an answer like “Well, strength is how much weight you can lift.  For example, if you can bench press 400 pounds then you’ve got a lot of strength, but if you can only lift 200 pounds you don’t”, or something along those lines.  Well, I’d tell you that you are both right and wrong.  See, there is more than one …

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[20 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Body Fat Test Analyzer Skin Fold Calipers Can Keep You Motivated

Sometimes when we are trying to tone up or lose weight we can get impatient real fast.  We’ll look at ourselves in the mirror everyday or get on the weight scale multiple times a week.  As a result, since we don’t see huge differences, we begin to think that we aren’t seeing results, that perhaps our workout program or diet isn’t working, or we aren’t losing fat fast enough.  However, most of the time it’s a matter of our own eyes deceiving us;  a matter of us being our own …

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[22 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]

We are deep into the month of March, so spring time and summer is literally right around the corner.  How have you been coming along with your weight loss, body fat burning goals?  How much lean muscle mass have you gained in the last couple of months?  Come the months of June, July, August are you going to be more than proud to take off your shirt or wear that swimming suit, or are you going to be embarrassed because you can’t see a slim mid section and a set …

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[14 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]

That’s a very loaded question.  Everyone seems to want to know exactly how long will it take them to lose weight, burn body fat, tone up, gain muscle mass, and build strength, depending on the individual goal.  Well, this all depends on several factors, so it differs from one trainer to the next.  For example, your genetics, hormonal levels, training and dieting consistency, frequency, past experience with working out and eating right, medical conditions, intensity of training, gender, etc., all play a vital role in how long you’ll take to …

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[9 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]

Even when following one of the most effective extreme fitness programs to get in shape, lose weight, burn body fat, raise your metabolism, or gain muscle and strength, like P90X, INSANITY, or Turbo Jam Maximum Results, many that don’t see the progress that they should be instantly want to point the finger in every which direction, but the right one.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone, because of their lack of weight loss or muscle gain, want to right away blame it all on genetics!  Why haven’t …