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Low Body Fat – Lean Muscle – Strength: How You Can Obtain This Triple Threat!

13 February 2010 One Comment

Coach Nancy Day 90Let’s be honest and sincere right off the bat;  the majority of the information that’s on TV, magazines, books, and internet related to exercise routines, physical fitness, losing weight, burning body fat, gaining lean muscle mass, nutrition, and dietary supplements are downright worthless!  Ok.  Now that we got that out of the way, allow me to tell you why I feel so strongly about this, and why you’ve more than likely noticed that for yourself.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

Anyone that knows me can tell you that for the longest I was of decent height (6 feet tall), yet was pretty skinny, and not a “good” skinny.  Being that my parents, several uncles, and cousins of mine were at one point or another in their life into working out and being fit, you could say that I had great influences growing up.  So, naturally, I too got “bit by the exercise bug” at a very young age.  However, just because someone works out a lot, or pours tons and tons of money on any dietary supplement they can get their hands on, that doesn’t automatically mean that you are on the road to guaranteed “buffness”.  Even though I would shed blood, sweat, tears,…and hard earned money week in and week out on trying to get into shape and actually “look” like I was in shape, I never really had much to show for it.

(What about you?  Do those last 2 lines of that last paragraph sound familiar to you?  Can you relate?)

Place your finger on the button, push down, and fast forward several years later;  After having tried many different weight training and cardio routines, all kinds of wacky, complicated, and expensive diets, and using all kinds of exercise equipment, I began to notice what some common denominators or factors were that were giving others excellent results, whether that be losing weight, burning off body fat, toning up, building lean muscle, being able to do several physical exercises (like push-ups, chin-ups, or simply being able to bend over and touch their toes), even though many were using completely different training or eating techniques.

Now, it took me a long time to place together the different pieces of the “puzzle” in my head, but they were starting to become clear to me.  For example, I noticed that regardless of the workout routine being used those that had certain muscular parts very well developed also happened to be the ones that would train that particular muscle group with higher amounts of sets, reps, and frequency, be that via working out, a sport, or a job activity.  Or, that those with fast metabolisms and low levels of body fat (thus, resulting in lean and mean bodies) were not the ones that were walking on some treadmill for an hour or two a day.  No, but in fact it was those that were regularly participating in some type of very intense physical activity that forced them to use their entire body (and not just the legs while running), whether that activity involved weights, certain equipment, plyometrics, etc.

And want to know what some of my results were?  Not only was I able to build some muscle, but I also competed and practically “won” a spot to become a Firefighter in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, and I’ve been at it for more than a decade!

However, you may be someone that’s trying to tone up or lose weight, and you may be reading this and say to yourself, “You built some muscle, but I’m trying to get rid of my gut or my hips!”.  Well, that’s because I didn’t tell you the other half of my story.  To make a long one short, one of the ridiculous things I read all over the place and to which I tried was to go on a severe “bulking” diet, thinking that was my way to Schwarzeneggar-like status, but all I ended up getting was fat!  At my peak, I weighed around 254 pounds and a waste size that exceeded 43 inches.  So, as a result, not only did I now have to do something to get rid of the body fat, but once I did that I still had to gain a little muscle mass again.  Back to square one.

A major issue with most workout programs

Well, the problems with most exercise programs out there is that they don’t properly piece together all of the factors necessary to get to a lean body.  And even less of them actually get you in shape.  Believe me, when you’re a Firefighter it doesn’t matter how good you look if you’re going to be winded and out of breath within a minute of working, or don’t have the strength, endurance, speed, or power to complete crucial tasks under pressure.

Finally, the solution…

And here’s my main point of this odyssey.  P90X and INSANITY are two of the programs that I most definitely recommend because they piece together the factors that will get anyone to a lean and strong body.  Not only do they not make you waste your time, energy, or money on worthless techniques or equipment, but they put everything in a step-by-step, workout-by-workout, day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month manner….so simple that all you literally have to do is pop in the DVDs and follow the routines and take a few minutes to go over some of the very brief and to the point reading material.

Take a good look at the pictures above.  Those are of Nancy Andrews.  Nancy used both P90X and INSANITY as part of her arsenal to blast away her body fat and do something 99% of females can’t do:  push-ups and chin-ups.  And get this…..Nancy’s in her 50’s!  She even had certain physical medical issues, severe ones.  Yet, she was able to fully use everything in these programs to get these phenomenal results.  I mean, just take a look at the separation between her abs and obliques.  Enough said.

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  • Formica Sheets · said:

    body fats can really increase so much if you are not very careful with your diet and if you do not exercise regularly .

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