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Creatine Powder: Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula

smmf_210_thumbCreatine Powder Supplement: Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula – There have been thousands of supplements to come out in the bodybuilding, weight loss, and health & wellness market in the last 10-15 years, but most of them don’t last 1 or 2 years.  Why is that?  Because, quite frankly, they just don’t work like they hype themselves.  However, hands down, the # 1 dietary supplement to have been discovered in the last 2 decades because of its effectiveness is creatine.  Pretty much anyone and everyone who has embarked on a serious and intense weight loss or muscle building training routine and diet plan has taken this supplement in powder form.

Creatine has been one of the rare products to last the test of time because of it’s ability to enhance muscular strength and performance….without getting you fat or unhealthy.  Many supplements have come and gone, but this has been the one that’s been at the top of any list since the early 1990′s.  Gains in lean muscular weight of up to 8 pounds in the first week of using creatine are pretty much the norm, not the exception.  And even if you’re not looking to gain a lot of muscle, perhaps just looking to tone up or burn off body fat, creatine is important because it will provide your muscles with the strength needed to complete the fat torching workouts you must perform to reshape your body.  That’s why many of the individuals that get in shape fast from workout programs like P90X or Shaun T’s INSANITY actually supplement with the best creatine powder around, Beachbody’s Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula.


Fuel your muscles for greater energy!
SMMF_250x250Get stronger and more muscular without gaining fat. Just one scoop a day will give your muscles the fuel to stay energized, so you can get the most out of your athletic efforts. Whether it’s lifting, running, swimming, cycling, or competing in your favorite sport, Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula will enable you to perform at a higher level of intensity over a longer period of time.*

Maximum Absorption for Better Results
The better your body is able to absorb creatine, the more effective it becomes during physical activity. This unique, safe, and highly potent formula is up to 4 times more absorbable than regular creatine. And it combines the perfect blend of natural ingredients (creatine, phosphates, and dextrose) to maximize your body’s ability to absorb creatine directly into the bloodstream rather than sitting in the stomach, which often leads to intestinal discomfort.*

More Than Just Creatine
While there are many creatine products on the market, Beachbody’s Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula is a combination of performance-enhancing ingredients that offer a variety of unique advantages, such as:

* Great taste! If you’ve tried creatine formulas in the past, you know how low they can rate on the taste scale. That’s why Beachbody made a concentrated effort to offer a flavorful, thirst-quenching product that you’ll actually enjoy.
* Quick absorption. While many creatine products enter the stomach for limited absorption, Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream for enhanced results.
* Balanced pH. A special pH delivery system neutralizes stomach acids to eliminate cramping and stomach upset.


Look at what some of the Creatine Powder Supplement Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula had to say:

gregs_after“The Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula helped sculpt and carve my body to levels I never knew I could reach.”
Greg S., with wife LeeAnn

Its really working… Thanks…”
–Be, his, CA

“It was helpful for muscle building. The taste, on the other hand, is a little strong.”
–Liam, Tewksbury, MA

Get Your Best Possible Results—Or Your Money Back!
No matter what fitness programs or physical activities you enjoy, Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula can have a tremendous effect on your ability to achieve greater strength and lean muscle mass. Try it for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied within those 30 days, just return it for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling!


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