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Become A BeachBody Coach Like Us!

TBB-Coach-Helping-Others-250Be A Coach Like The Rest Of Us…While Making Money!

Did you realize that you can make money off of BeachBody programs, supplements, equipment, and gear, just like many of us are?

Do you want to be able to supplement your income while working only part time right from the comfort of your own home?

Did you know that the fitness industry is one of the few that actually grew and continues to grow, even in the middle of a recession?

Did you know that even though companies like GM (General Motors) and many other conglomerates almost went bankrupt (or actually did), BeachBody made $400 million dollars?


Here’s just a few reasons why I decided to become a BeachBody Coach and what I like about it:
Anyone that knows me on a personal level knows just how much I love talking about physical fitness, health, wellness, bodybuilding, etc.  It has always been something I’ve been very passionate about.  I could literally be discussing it all day and night, I love it so much.  As many know, I’m a career Firefighter, so being physically able to perform certain tasks under the most chaotic of situations is an absolute must for us, so that’s why it’s a constant topic of conversation at the fire houses.  So, helping others in this manner is something I like to do, and do it for free!  So when a friend and mentor of mine, who was a BeachBody Coach already, approached me about it, I really started to think about it.  After she explained to me (not “sold” to me, since she wasn’t trying to “push” or “hype up” anything to me) in detail what all it involved, I didn’t hesitate to join and become a coach myself.

The good thing about this program is that I can work on it at my pace; on the days and hours that I can; I work on it on my own schedule.  I’m making money while I’m doing two things I love, helping others and working on myself as well.  It’s an awesome way to either make extra cash on the side as a part time thing, or, if you want, you can work on it full time as well.  There are tons of coaches that are making a staggering amount of money from BeachBody (remember that I just mentioned above that this company is a $400 million a year company!).

Being that this is online-based, you really don’t need much more than a reliable computer or laptop and an internet connection.  Because you can sell online you don’t have to go and try to sell to your family or close friends (eeek!!!!).

The exercise / fitness / health & wellness industry is one of the best industries to be in.  Regardless of how bad the economy gets people still strive to stay healthy and want to get in shape.  Some of the reasons for this is because working and looking great is one of the ways that many can deal with the stress, tension, and worries of everyday life, and it simply makes people feel good.  Also, because of the sad fact that many have lost their jobs many no longer have medical insurance (which is why it’s such a huge topic of debate in the government).  Well, what many have done is to take better care of themselves by eating properly, taking the most effective nutritional supplements their bodies require, and engage in regular physical fitness activities to lessen the chances of needing medical attention.

Just take a look at the bodybuilding industry.  While the automotive, banking, real estate, manufacturing, and other industries continue to collapse, shut down, and layoff millions of life-long workers, dietary supplement companies are selling in the billions!  Attendance at bodybuilding competitions is through the roof.  What does this tell you?  Once again, the fitness industry is the place to be.

BeachBody products are some of the best to sell because everyone already knows about them.  How many infomercials have you seen for them?  All the time!  So, you don’t have to convince anyone about the actual products, since they already are convinced that they want them.  No need to try to become some kind of “pitch man” (or woman, for that matter).

Here’s What You Get If You Become A Coach Under Our Team:

  • We provide you a FREE website in addition to the standard company web page that Beachbody provides. You won’t find this offer anywhere else!  The value to you is that this website permits you to customize it with your own unique content.
  • A website isn’t valuable unless you get people to visit it.  We train you to drive traffic to your website. This is key because while anyone can have a website, if no one visits, it doesn’t provide you any opportunity to sell.
  • Also, a website isn’t valuable unless it sells products to the people who visit.  We show you how to set up a website to sell to the visitors you’ll be getting. If your website gets traffic you need to know what to do to get them to buy without it feeling to your visitors that they are being sold.
  • What may be the MOST important offer to you is that we work as a team building coach downlines. We will help you build your downline with leads we collect. Sure you’ll still be marketing the Beachbody opportunity with traditional methods, but consider the value of getting an occasional coach without having to find and convince them yourself.
  • I want you to also be aware that are small team of coaches are from a group that have been together since before becoming a part of Team BeachBody.  Many of us have separate websites of our own, ranging from popular eCommerce sites to regular information sites…and with many of us being on page #1 of Google for our respective fields! So trust us, we know how to rank on the internet.

    Would You Like To See Some Proof?

    PressPlayFitness.com – first 6 months of website

    PressPlayFitness.com – January thru February 2010′s Traffic

    IWantToGetRipped.com – How Nancy’s Coaching Totally Changed This Site’s Traffic

    IWantToGetRipped.com – January thru February 2010′s Traffic

    So, Keep In Mind That With Us You’ll Get:

    • Access to forums built and supported by Internet Marketing Professionals
    • Instruction on how to build a website that drives a ton of traffic
    • Instruction on how to create website pages that sell
    • Get personally sponsored coaches assigned to you
    • A dynamic community where all coaches help each other grow their business

    Also, when you become a BeachBody Coach you’ll be earning a 25% commission on all of your sales.  Being that it’s on the internet that you’ll be selling most of the time your business basically runs on its own, on “autopilot”.  Your site will be accessible to the entire world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can sell and make money literally while you sleep! You’ll even have some customers who may start off buying from you a DVD program, but then will want to buy a bottle of vitamins or a weight loss helper every month as well, and then they’ll need to get some workout gloves and the chin up bar, and possibly some nice comfortable shorts to wear, and then………….see where I’m going with this? You can literally continue to earn money even off of the same individuals!

    In addition, as a BeachBody Coach you’re entitled to 25% off of all of the products, whether that be DVD programs, supplements, apparel, exercise equipment, etc.

    To start up there’s no need for a heavy monetary investment.  Hey, there’re some “businesses” (even online ones) that take literally hundreds or thousands of dollars to get it off the ground.  Not so with becoming a BeachBody Coach.  All it costs you is $39.95 to sign up and just $14.95 per month after that.  That’s it!

    Take a look at this video for an explanation of how this works:


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