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pf_210_thumbPerformance Formula by Beachbody is one of the beat supplements I’ve found because if you take it before working out to either P90X, Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer, or Shaun T’s INSANITY, it will encourage your body to release fat from your body into the blood stream and used up as energy to fuel your training session that day.  As a result you’ll end up burning body fat and losing weight!

In addition, Performance Formula dietary supplement has nutrients and ingredients that prevent the storage of fat on the body and assist the body in recuperating and recovering a lot faster from your intense fitness program sessions.

Lose weight and tone muscle faster from exercise!
With Performance Formula you can push yourself harder to lose weight and tone muscle faster—without getting so sore the next day that you skip a workout. When you take Performance Formula along with your workouts, you’ll notice:

performanformula_lg* Increased energy
* Faster weight loss
* More stamina
* Reduced fatigue and soreness

Performance Formula is a potent natural herbal combination that will benefit anyone involved in a training regimen, especially one like Power 90®.

Ingredients such as Tibetan rhodiola, ginseng, hydroxycitric acid from the Brindall berry, and L-carnitine, a natural metabolite made by the body, are included to naturally increase your energy and your body’s utilization of calories throughout the day.
This proprietary blend supports the ability of the liver to retrieve, process, and “burn” stored body fat.

Green tea is also included, as recent research indicates it may help metabolize fat, as well as help the body deal with an increased demand for antioxidants when you are exercising and burning fat at a higher rate than usual.

Together these compounds can help the cells in your liver accept fat more easily, similar to enlarging the opening of a coal furnace so that more coal can be shoveled in. (In this case, the fuel is fat, so think of your body as a fat-burning machine!)

The herbs ginseng and rhodiola also provide excellent support for recovery from exercise. Observations of athletes at Olympic levels of competition have shown that these herbs can give the body extra support when engaged in a strenuous exercise program.

Magnesium is included in the Performance Formula because it is one of the most important nutrients for chemical reactions in the body related to exercise and energy metabolism. Problems associated with dehydration—such as cramping, which can be attributed to low magnesium levels—are less likely with this potent formulation.

This synergistic blend of ingredients is designed to support your metabolism, aid in fat loss, and help you work out harder but recover faster.

For Best Results

Performance Formula is best taken 30–45 minutes before you exercise or right before sleep, to maximize the times when your body is encouraged to access stored fat. Can also be taken in the morning on an empty stomach or at any time throughout the day between meals.

For best results, take Performance Formula without carbohydrates and maximize the fat-burning process achieved with the combination of exercise and Performance Formula.

Check Out One Of Performance Formula’s Success Stories:

success“With Power 90 I ordered both Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula and Performance Formula. I signed up to receive my supplements every 60 days, and I swear by them. How else can you explain my going from a size 52 waist to a size 38?”

—John I.

Get Your Best Possible Results—Or Your Money Back!
It’s true! Our customers have gotten great results with Performance Formula! Try it for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied within those 30 days, just return it for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling.



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