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P90X Chin-Up / Pull-Up Bar

chinupbar-thP90X Chin-Up / Pull-Up Bar: If you were to ask me what I feel is the very best exercise to target, build, strengthen, and develop your back, lats (aka “wings”), and rear shoulders I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that it is the tried-and-true chin-up.  It’s funny how you’ll go to some major gym or recreational center and you’ll have tons and tons of fancy machines and exercises allegedly designed to work your back, lats, and pulling power / strength, yet the chin-up / pull-up is much more impactful on that are of the body, and is a major reason why fitness programs like P90X use it so heavily into their exercise rotation.

Take a look at any world class gymnast.  They have some of the best and most developed upper bodies in the world, yet they don’t go around hauling super heavy, bone-crushing weight, nor are they using fancy equipment.  Part of their phenomenal back development and strength is due to the fact that the pull-up movement is so heavily incorporated into their training.  Having a durable, long lasting, reliable chin-up bar, like P90X’s, is truly a must if  you are to fully develop and reshape your body from top to bottom and front to back.  Owning this pull-up bar will eliminate the need for you to have to get a gym membership because you won’t need any heavy, bulky, and expensive workout equipment.

If you’ve gotten a chance to see Tony Horton’s P90X exercise DVDs then you’ll see how much they use the chin-up bar and how important it is for your training.  I’ve been able to barbell row a ton of weight and do very heavy lat pulldowns, but the day I decided to do a couple of chin-ups and pull-ups not only did I realize how weak I was in this area, but also my lats got very sore the next day….indicating just how effective this exercise is at hitting that area.  Being that I’m a full time Firefighter having the power and strength in my biceps, shoulders, and back to pull is crucial, which resulted in my now always performing this exercise with this bar.

The most durable pull-up bar ever made!

Built for durability and comfort, this is the ultimate muscle fitness training tool to strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, arms, and abs, and more. There’s no better way to take your upper-body workout to the next level.

The P90X® Chin-Up Bar mounts easily to any doorframe to become your own personal gym. The custom design with 12 grip positions makes this the perfect tool for chin-ups and pull-ups.

Special features include:

chinning* Custom design with multiple grip positions for building multiple muscle groups
* Heavy-gauge steel (holds up to 300 lbs.) Stress Test Video
* Professional-grade foam-covered handles provide maximum comfort for extended use
* Quick and easy assembly
* Fits doorways up to 32″ wide (sturdy doorframe with trim required—minimum 5″ width, maximum 6.5″)
* Takes only minutes to safely remove from doorway when not in use

Check out what some of the P90X Chin-up Bar users have said about it:

“Just ordered the P90X and after successfully putting it together mounted in on my kitchen door. It fits perfectly. I can’t get all the way up yet but I’m definitely looking forward to it within the next couple of months.”

“Best chin up bar out there. Has a variety of positions for perfroming the pull ups. I’ve had it for 2 months and can tell a difference. I’m 260 lbs and it supports me just fine. Only problem has one of the hand grips tore. I contacted the online customer service and they were not helpful in replacing that part. No reason why I should have to ‘jimmy’ an expensive item. I called their corporate number and they are going to help me. BTW, there is a lifetime warrenty for the bar. Ask for it.”

“P90x ha been the most extreme and complete excersizeing program I have ever come across to. I’ve done one round of p90x-90 days and have gone from a size 44 to 38 n lost about 40 pounds – 265 down to 225 I love p90x and gettine ready for nother 90 days.”

“Getting this bar was a good decision. I was reluctant to pony up the bucks, since I had a straight chinup bar already. The P90X version is P90Xs better. Many variations that you just can not get with a regular bar. Only warning, look out for the bolts sticking out at the bottom. I was doing Navy Seal style, and put a nice big hole in my noggin. Get a simple rubber bolt cover, and you will be fine.”

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied or your money back! If you’re not satisfied with the performance of this product, please contact Customer Service to return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked.



  • Air Climber said:

    Which kind of workout am i going to get with this system?

  • admin (author) said:

    You can use this chin up bar for any type of workout routine in which you’d like to build up the strength or development of your lats (back) and biceps.

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