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Power 90 At Home Bootcamp Workout

p90_210_thumbPower 90 In-home Bootcamp Workout Review:  By now surely you’ve heard of and seen Tony Horton, the creator of the ever-popular P90X workout DVD set, by Beachbody.  Sure, P90X is very hardcore and intense, which is why it is known as an “extreme fitness” program.  However, that’s not the only mega training and diet regimen that Tony has created.  As a matter of fact, he also has one called Power 90 In-home Bootcamp, which is just as effective at losing weight, burning off body fast, toning up, and building lean muscle mass.

What’s the secret training method behind Power 90?

One of the keys to how this exercise program gets people in shape so fast, in 90 days (which, by the way, is where the “90″ in Power 90 comes from) is what’s known as Sectional Progression.  What this is Tony Horton utilizes different exercises to zone in a specific area of the body in such a manner that not only do you increase fat burning throughout the entire body, even though you’re targeting a certain muscle group or area, but also, because of the specific workout technique you are taught, you actually tone up and build lean muscle!  And get this….it all happens in short workouts;  30 minutes, to be exact.

There are very few muscle gaining or weight loss programs that can get your physique to look completely different in just 3 months the way Power 90 does.  In addition, this program didn’t just come out yesterday.  No, it’s been around for a handful of years, so it has proven itself to be extremely effective at reshaping people time after time.  If it didn’t work it would have long disappeared.  As a matter of fact, there have been some that have lost up to 92 pounds of ugly body fat and have dropped 10 inches off of their waste in just the 90 days!

Check out some of Power 90′s Success Stories:

“Beachbody president Jon Congdon and I were Tony Horton’s first “test group” for his 90-day in-home boot camp. For 90 days we alternated Tony’s easy-to-follow cardio moves with classic circuit training, and adopted a straightforward approach to food choices and portion control.

For the first time in my life, I got into GREAT shape—not with gimmicks, but with Tony’s proven technique. I am a believer.

The simplicity makes the results hard to believe. But it’s the simplicity that makes it work.

People started sending us their results to be considered for Beachbody’s annual success celebration in Hawaii, and we were impressed that our customers got even better results with the program than we did! Customers were losing up to 10 pounds in their first six days… 40, 50, 60 pounds and more in only 90 days… and lives were transformed. Happiness followed. A revolution was born.”

Diane D.
“Before I knew it, I had yo-yoed my way to 232 pounds, and I am only 5′ 2″ tall. I wore a size 20. I’d look in the mirror and the reflection just did not match the image I had in my head. What happened?? I was morbidly obese! I had no energy. I was depressed. I got winded just from climbing one flight of stairs. I could not even tie my shoes from any position without feeling like I was going to throw up (because my circulation was cut off).

I have now lost 88 pounds, 11 inches in my waist, and I wear a size 6!! I was never smaller than a size 10 in my entire adult life! It is surreal!! The changes on the inside are just as dramatic as the ones on the outside. I am healthy, strong, and self-confident. I have energy, self-discipline, and a healthy relationship with food. I even decided to go back to school to earn my MBA.”

Greg S.
“Just trying to get out of bed in the morning was starting to become more and more difficult. I have never been one who has stayed dedicated to any type of exercise or workout program.

And my all-time favorite saying now that I’ve completed Power 90 is, “You got a needle and thread? because I AM RIPPED!”

Doug F.
“Today is day 90 and we can’t believe the transformation that has taken place over the past three months.”

Nick Baker


Here’s what you get with Power 90 In-home Boot Camp:

power90_workoutsSix cardio and body-sculpting workouts using Sectional Progression to get slim and toned fast

* Sculpt Circuit 1–2: Easy moves that work to tone, firm, and strengthen your entire body. (29 minutes)
* Sweat Cardio 1–2:  Fun, innovative cardio moves, kickboxing, Pilates, and more to burn fat and shed inches fast! (36 minutes)
* Sculpt Circuit 3–4: Next level for sculpting long, lean muscles! (38 minutes)
* Sweat Cardio 3–4:  Accelerated fat and calorie blasting. (42 minutes)
* Ab Ripper 100 & 200: Get two 6-minute ab routines guaranteed to give you the flat, sexy six-pack abs you’ve always wanted.

power90_toolsRevolutionary tools for tracking your success

* Program Guide and Transformation Tracker™: show you exactly what to do day to day and how to track your results so there’s no more guesswork!
* 90-day calendar:  A great tool to track your progress and stay motivated.
* Free online access to diet and fitness tips and amazing peer support!

power90_bonusvideos5 FREE Gifts!

Fat Burning Express workout:  Jump-start your metabolism and burn fat and calories in just 35 minutes.
* Fat Burner Meal Plan:  A step-by-step eating plan to burn the fat without giving up your favorite foods.
* 6-Day Fat Burning Express plan:  Lose up to 10 lbs. and 10 inches in just 6 days with this proven weight loss plan.
* Success measurement card and tape measure: Tools to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals!

power90_bandPLUS Power Sculpting Band FREE!:

For the first time ever, Tony’s giving you this revolutionary resistance tool to make sure you have everything you need to lose weight and completely transform your body!

Tony Guarantees Total Body Transformation in 90 Days—or your money back!

No-risk offer! We’re so sure you’ll succeed with Power 90, we’ve extended the money-back guarantee to a FULL 90 days! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the progress you made, call Customer Service to return the program within 90 days for a refund of the purchase price, less s&h, but keep your $90.00 worth of FREE bonuses, including your Power Sculpting Band, as Tony’s gifts to you!


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