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BB_RevAbs_210x100_kit_newRevs Abs workout program review:  All too often I notice that most trainers that are trying to get a “ripped set of abs” only concentrate on the training side of things;  they faithfully go to the gym day in and day out, performing situp after situp, crunch after crunch, yet 3 months, 6 months, or a year down the line and they still don’t have any more of a defined midsection than from when they started training.  A big reason for this is because it’s not just a matter of training.  That’s only 1 piece of the pie.  You also have to include the right type of ab workouts (in which you aren’t just doing situps or crunches, since that’s only 1 angle that area must be worked….there are at least another 4-5 angles to target), the proper physical activity to burn calories which will result in a higher degree of weight loss, and total body muscular resistance training to rev up the metabolism.

That’s why the Rev Abs workout plan has such success in getting these individuals in shape so fast….in 90 days, as a matter of fact!  I have personally used a lot of different kinds of workout and diet schemes, but most lacked in at least 1 (if not several) areas of this abdominal-revealing puzzle.  However, the way Brett Hoebel put together this program, if you truly stick to it to the letter you are pretty much guaranteed to start seeing your abs tighten and rip up in a very short period of time (just take a look at some of the photos further down on this page).

Something that immediately stood to me with this program is that it hits the abs – core area from 6 different angles and zones, leaving no area of the midsection neglected.  Also,  it uses the right type of cardio, interval cardio, to be exact, to burn off a boatload of calories, which leads to more fat being burned.  In addition, unlike other “ab workout routines”, Rev Abs incorporates specific muscular exercises that train other areas of the body.  This, in turn, increases the speed of  your metabolism, which, as you may already know, the faster the metabolism the faster the reshaping of your body occurs.  Last but not least, the perfect abs-exposing diet.  Listen, you can train until you’re blue in the face and you vomit all over the floor, but if you don’t know how, what, and when to eat you’re never going to get rid of the layer of fat that is covering your abdominals.  There’s just no way around it.

Who in the world is Brett Hoebel and why should I listen to him?

Known as “El Capitan” and “The Dues Collector,” Brett is a sought-after fitness, strength, and nutrition expert in both New York and Los Angeles, with a background in biomedical science and the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira. In the fitness industry for over 15 years, Brett has helped shape up some of Hollywood’s finest physiques and traveled the globe presenting his programs. He was the cohost of Fit Family on Discovery’s FitTV, and has appeared on The View, Good Morning America, Fox News, and the WB Morning Show. Brett is also a recurring fitness expert for many top-tier magazines, including Vogue, Allure, Elle, Shape, and Self, while his signature exercise programs have twice earned “Best of New York” awards from New York Magazine.

Take a look at just some of Rev Abs success stories:

Clifton B.
5″ lost from waist, 15.25″ total lost.

“I’ve never seen a workout like this before. It’s so different from any workout I have done before.  I went from 23% to 6% body fat in 90 days.”

Karen M.
5.5″ lost from waist, 28″ total lost, 18.5 pounds lost.

“The old Karen was heavier; I had no energy. My biggest workout was eating. It’s just a total body workout; everything on me changed. My body looks completely different now. My best compliment was probably my neighbor not recognizing me.”

Juliana G.
4.5″ lost from waist, 19.5″ total lost, 13 pounds lost.

“I feel like I have achieved a goal of mine that I once just dreamt of.”


Look at everything you get with the Rev Abs DVD workout program:

9 routines on 7 DVDs
revabs_btm_productsAbcentrics™ and How to capoeira
With Abcentrics, you learn how to Fire Your Abs to get maximum results. In How to capoeira, Brett teaches you his favorite moves from this unique Brazilian martial art. (approx. 35 min.)

Fire Up Your Abs
Intervals of calorie-scorching cardio combined with Brett’s Six-Pack moves, his signature ab circuit that works your core from 6 different angles for 6 times the results. (approx. 40 min.)

Power Intervals
High-intensity cardio with intervals of lower-body resistance moves proven to rev up your metabolism. Melts belly fat, sculpts lean legs, firms the glutes, and works your abs—all at the same time. (approx. 30 min.)

Total Strength
If you want to get rid of ab flab, you’ve got to work all your muscles. They’re your best friends in the fight against fat. (approx. 45 min.)

Mercy Abs
The mightiest little ab workout you’ll ever experience. (approx. 15 min.)

Fat-Burning Abs
A fired-up routine of new ab and cardio combinations that lives up to its name. (approx. 40 min.)

Power Intervals 2
Lower-body resistance moves and revved-up cardio to kick booty and blowtorch belly fat. (approx. 30 min.)

Strength & Endurance

Rock-hard abs, meet rock-hard body. This total-body workout gives you the definition you’ve been looking for in your abs and everywhere else. (approx. 30 min.)

Merciless Abs

A 15-minute ab-shredder that makes your abs pop. Now that’s what you want to see in the mirror. (approx. 15 min.)

Rev up your results:


Easy to read, this tight little guide spells out the whole program, so you can get the most out of your 90-day ab transformation. Plus, you get Brett’s tips to win the battle of the bulge.

Nutrition Guide
Get the fuel you need to Fire Your Abs. This 65-page nutrition guide comes with customizable, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meal plans for men and women. It also includes Brett’s 14-day Jump-Start Plan. It’s so effective, you’re guaranteed to lose 10 pounds and a whole size in the first 2 weeks or your money back.

Also, 4 FREE gifts:

revabs_bonus_prod01_01Rev It Up Cardio
No more boring treadmill cardio. This workout is spiced with capoeira moves to burn the fat off your abs and your entire body. (approx. 40 min.)

Anytime, Anywhere Abs
On the road or can’t get to your TV? Take this workout anywhere and do it anytime. It only takes 5 minutes.

RevAbs Wall Calendar
More than inspiration, it tells you which workout to do each day for maximum results and makes it easy to keep track of your progress.

revabs_bonus_prod01_02Professional Fat Caliper
The perfect tool to measure your body fat before and after your transformation. See if you can pinch an inch after 90 days!

Plus, FREE Online Support
FREE 24-hour access to the RevAbs Web site, where you can chat with Brett and other fitness experts, and meet other RevAbs customers battling the bulge!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Try this program with the RevAbs 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your results within 30 days, simply call Customer Service to return the program for the full purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked.


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