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[17 Jan 2012 | No Comment | ]
Professional Bodybuilder Uses Higher Reps For Bigger Muscles

There’s long been a debate in the bodybuilding world as to which rep range is more effective for building larger muscles; not to be confused with which rep range is better for getting stronger, gaining power, etc.  Different goals requires different methods.  Well, being that “success leaves clues”, it’s interesting to take note a comment that professional bodybuilder Will Harris recently made.
In a Flex column, he stated “Higher reps help me avoid injuries.  My training is based on bringing blood to the muscle.  You get the best pump with reps …

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[10 Jan 2012 | No Comment | ]
Lift Explosively To Burn More Calories

There are many different reasons why any one of us has taken up weight lifting to change our bodies in one way or another.  Some do it to burn fat, others to gain muscle mass, and some do it for conditioning.  If you’re the type that is primarily concerned with getting leaner and more defined, then you’re going to want to make sure that you lift with an explosive speed.
According to M&F magazine, “high-velocity/explosive training activates larger muscle-nerve units than doing it more slowly.  Explosive weight training turns on the …

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[28 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]
Ginger May Help With Prostrate Cancer

Sadly, prostrate cancer takes the lives of thousands and thousands of males every year.  Chemo, radiation, surgery, medications, etc., etc., are just some of the many treatments used in battling this disease.
Muscle & Fitness magazine recently informed that “Long known as a digestive aid, ginger may be able to slow the progression of prostrate cancer, according to a recent study.  Researchers at Georgia State University showed that ginger extract slowed the progression of prostrate cancer grafts in mice by as much as 56%.  The dose used was moderate, the human …

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[15 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]
Fight Depression By Exercising

Billions of dollars every year are spent on medications, supplements, and programs aimed at treating depression.  But did you know that one of the best ways to battle it doesn’t cost you one dime, just some sweat.
A column in M&F reports “Training doesn’t just chase the blues away; a new study shows that it may also help fight depression.  Researchers studying a group of clinically depressed people found that those who began going to the gym were able to boost their mood whether they exercised a lot or a little. …

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[7 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]
Fishy Business: Yet More Praise For Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Just like the engine and transmission of your vehicle needs oil for continual functioning, so does your body.  And to be more specific, we’re referring to fish oil, and even more specific, omega 3 fatty acids.
According to M&F, “The benefits of fish oil have been documented thousands of times, with each new study uncovering yet another reason to eat more fish and take one of the most highly regarded supplements in the world.  It reduces blood pressure, protect skin, aids fat metabolism, and may even reduce muscle soreness after training. …