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Low Body Fat – Lean Muscle – Strength: How You Can Obtain This Triple Threat!

Let’s be honest and sincere right off the bat;  the majority of the information that’s on TV, magazines, books, and internet related to exercise routines, physical fitness, losing weight, burning body fat, gaining lean muscle mass, nutrition, and dietary supplements are downright worthless!  Ok.  Now that we got that out of the way, allow me to tell you why I feel so strongly about this, and why you’ve more than likely noticed that for yourself.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself…
Anyone that knows me can tell you that …

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Popcorn Isn’t Just For The Movies; For Your Health Also

Popcorn has got to be the # 1 movie goers snack of choice (not that we’ve done any double-blind studies to prove it).  We’re pretty sure that those millions of people that saw the latest thrill at the cinema spent a pretty penny on the kernel.  But did you know that popcorn can actually be a very healthy snack?
The Edge News reports that “popcorn actually contains more polyphenols – powerful antioxidants – than many fruits and vegetables.  A new study performed at the University of Scranton found that popcorn contains …

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Weight Training Makes You Just As Flexible As Stretching

Little by little it’s becoming crystal clear that you should seriously consider stopping the habit of static stretching before or after working out.  The main reason many do so is from the notion and belief that it will improve your range of motion and make you more flexible.  Well, unless you’re not engaging in some type of physical therapy, in which certain prescribed stretching is a must, you may want to dump that habit and pick up some weights.
The Edge News recently printed that “static stretching has its share of …

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Shorter Rest Between Sets = Bigger Muscles

Many argue that you should take longer breaks between sets while working out, since it will allow your muscles to recover and be stronger for the next set.  That’s an excellent approach if you’re main goal is to build pure strength.  However, if more muscular development is what you’re after, shorter rest between sets is the way to go.
The column the Gym Bag recently informed that “a recent study of trained male lifters had one group train for eight weeks using a 2-minute rest period between sets.  A second group …

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Many well respected fitness and bodybuilding experts from the past and today believe that coffee isn’t good for the body, possibly somewhat toxic.  So they recommended to their trainees to steer clear of the java.  Well, time has proven that those notions are incorrect and based on nutritional misconceptions.
Take a look at what the column The Research Center recently published, “In reality, coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the average American’s diet, and modern studies have slowly but surely been setting the record straight in favor …

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Omega 3 Fish Oil May Be Anabolic

The term “anabolic”  tends to conjure up thoughts of needles, testosterone, steroids, and the like in mainstream media, unnecessarily so.  However, “anabolic” simply represents anything that’s conducive to muscle growth.  One such nutrient that can help make you more anabolic and assist you in your muscular development is omega 3 fish oil.
Muscle and Fitness informs that “four grams of omega – 3 fish oil per day led to increases in the anabolic response to insulin and improved protein synthesis according to a recent study by the Washington University School of …